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Google Shopping Support

Search Engine Optimization - The Key

You have opened your shop and now you're competing with millions of other retailers for business. Are you alone on a desert island? Are you sending out messages in a bottle? Is your shop found when people search for your products? Search Engine Optimization is necessary to ensure the lights are on and you're open for business. Don't be a retailer with a dark shop in the back alley of a bad neighborhood, with no neighbors, no friends and no traffic.

New! Import/Export Google Shopping Meta Tags
  • Set your Meta Tags for Title, Keywords and Description
  • Google Shopping fields supported are MPN, UPC, ISBN, JAN, EAN, age group, gender and google product type
  • Works for Products, Collections, Pages and Blogs
  • Import / Export your SEO in Bulk

Meta Tagger is a Shopify App giving you and your SEO team a time saving system to manage your SEO. With millions of e-commerce shops all competing for your customers, you cannot avoid optimizing your site so that it will be found when people are searching for the products you sell. Every Product, Collection, Page and Blog can have a title, keywords and most importantly a description. One that is carefully crafted to catch the attention of shoppers.

Meta Tagger comes with sample Liquid code that borrows from all the best SEO practices. You can be confident this App will help people find your shop!